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Our craftsmen have meticulously created hand-carved, elegant and functional baby cribs and furniture, which are easy to self-assemble while maintaining excellence in quality and adhering to stringent safety industry standards.


The finest American/ European and Canadian Pinewood has been used to create your baby’s first home while using secure steel hardware to give durability and strength. Each of our products has been carefully handcrafted based on sustainable guidelines and quality excellence.

At Baby GaGa, we look to add to your baby’s first memories of their nursery. Conscious of providing storage space, our cribs have aesthetically built-in storage drawers which no other crib in its class provides. We have designed a conventional crib into a dual crib cum playpen, which gives your baby a playground within a self-contained nursery crib and provides extended use as your little one grows from an infant to a playful toddler.

Bringing home a Baby GaGa creation is to experience the joy of your new arrival while making us a part of your paradise.

Creating Nostalgia Today



of our Cribs

We have designed each of our cribs in accordance with the rules of International Consumer Safety Products.

This includes:

1. Providing a firm, tight-fitting mattress so a baby cannot get trapped between the mattress and the crib.

2. Providing ALL screws, brackets or other hardware for the crib and mattress support for proper assembly.

3. Ensuring our cribs slats are no more than 2 3/8 inches (about the width of a soda can)  so a baby's body cannot fit through the slat.

4. Making sure ALL corner posts are precisely measured under 1/16th inch high, so a baby's clothing cannot catch.

5. No cutouts in the headboard or footboard ensuring the utmost safety of your baby's head.

For more safety information Click here


Team Baby GaGa

Baby GaGa’s team of design professionals and craftspeople, most of them being parents themselves, have created the ideal nursery essentials to welcome your baby into your world.

Our goal is to make your home perfect for your little one and watch them as they grow from infants to toddlers in our stylishly made cribs to playpens. Our aesthetic designs and sophisticated finishes are specially created to fit into a classic as well as contemporary homes.

We hope that Baby GaGa is a premier choice for all new parents to introduce their little angels to their homes and hearts.

Comfortable & Firm

Baby Mattress

Our Mattresses are custom designed to comfortably fit in and out of the crib, for the times you'd like to convert your crib into a playpen.

They are light weight yet firm and resilient when you press your hand on them.

A good mattress not only makes bedtime cozier, it supports your growing baby and keeps him/her safe. The comfort and durability of our mattresses will keep your baby safely tucked in.

One-Stop Solution

Each Crib purchase INCLUDES a mattress with NO added extra cost.

Each Changing Tray INCLUDES a Mattress Pad with NO added extra cost


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“The Crib is sturdy and stunning at the same time. We couldn't have asked for better. Everyone who visits the baby, goes GaGa over it.”

— Aanchal & Angad Sehgal


“My husband & I are absolutely in love with our Regent crib. It's both stylish and functional.”

— Richa & Akash Bafna

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