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Shipping and Delivery Information

Deliveries timetables typically are subject to whether the particular item is in stock.  Most are shipped out in maximum 4 – 6 weeks from the date of order.  

During high volume periods and inclement weather, your order could be delayed by an additional 10 days from our normal commitment period of 4 – 6 weeks.  We assure you, we are working as fast as we can to get your order to you. 


Before dispatching your shipment, we shall contact you informing that the shipment is ready for dispatch. Our affiliated courier company may follow-up with you to inform you of a more precise delivery date. At this stage, it would be more prudent that the Customer directly interacts with the Courier Company since (i) we will no longer have the possession of the goods, and (ii) it is in the direct control and custody of the courier making the deliveries.


Baby GaGa makes no representation to the guarantee for the actual delivery of the order after it leaves our warehouse. 



The customer is responsible and is requested to immediately determine if the items are received, are in satisfactory condition and report this to the delivery person and to the Courier Company if need be.  The extent of description of damage and/or defect to the item, carton, or box MUST be promptly provided and stated on the Delivery Receipt, Challan/ Proof of Delivery (POD), followed, preferably, by including pictures.  

NOTE: It is the Customer’s responsibility to unbox, or open the crate/delivery carton and inspect the goods.  FYI, Courier Company is an independent vendor and delivery personnel of the Courier Company are not obliged, or authorized to open the furniture or packages, as they are NOT familiar with either the contents of the carton, or assembly of the product. Please also note that the Courier Company is not affiliated or part of Baby GaGa’s organizational structure.  

As a standard practice, the courier company’s duty is to only transport and deliver the goods to the customer’s specified location on the order form. You are requested to cooperate with them and not force them to open the crates, packages etc.



It is the Customer’s responsibility to give correct contact details, as in Name of Addressee, address and phone number details, preferably both landline and two (2) mobile numbers to ensure that after the goods are dispatched, we are able to ensure those are timely delivered without missing you on the Courier Company’s first delivery attempt. It will be helpful to receive and know of any landmarks in helping the courier company making the delivery. 


If you are planning to be out of town or have last minute travel plans or become unavailable, please inform both the courier company and Baby GaGa's Customer Service in advance, so that we can plan the shipping and delivery as per your convenience, incase your shipment has not already been dispatched.

Failure to accept delivery on the due date and to be present, or make prior arrangement to accept delivery is the Customer’s responsibility and obligation; and in the event of any last moment changes, it is the Customer’s responsibility to work things out on delivery timing with the Courier, preferably 3 days in advance, subject to accommodation.  Should the Customer refuse to take delivery, or remains unavailable after subsequent events to accept delivery of goods, additional charges by the Courier Company will become payable and due to the delivery vendor.  For all intents and purposes, Baby GaGa will not be a party or a person concerned or associated in connection with delivery arrangements after the goods have been dispatched from its warehouse.  We request the Customer to make diligent efforts to avoid their inconvenience or disturbance to ensure acceptance of delivery promptly. 

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