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About Us

Living in New York from the age of 10, I often found it amusing to pop into quaint shops that kept home furnishings with soft Belgium lace and delicate nursery prints while walking the streets of Manhattan, on my way to work.
My little hobby came to use when I met my lovely wife and we had not 1, not 2 but 3 beautiful baby girls! Knowing exactly where to go, we soon created a dream-like nursery for each of our girls. 

Like an excited new father, I stayed up late nights in their nursery, weaving stories around them, watching them in their little dainty beds becoming sleepier and drifting away in their dreamy world that I longed to be a part of.
Little did I know that the nurseries were not a fun place just for the girls to grow up in, but a place of serenity for me after a tiring day at work. My home life was filled with rainbows, Disney World, Barney the Dinosaur & toy cars and I could not have been happier.
As the years went by and the girls grew older, we all decided to call India home. Today my little girls aren't that little anymore. 

Baby GaGa is a concept I thought of as I flipped through an old photo album. 

Recalling my girls’ days in New York, I longed to see the charming yet practically designed cribs and furnishings similar to the ones my girls dreamt in, turning dreams into reality.

Our goal is to create safe & stylish, multi-functional pieces for your days as a parent to be easier and filled with moments of joy. 

I can only hope that when you are my age, your memories are as timeless and nostalgic as mine.

                                                                                              With love,

                                                                                              Ravi Galav



Baby GaGa: Creating Nostalgia Today

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