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Assembly of Product

Our products are designed to be assembled by you. That way you'll save the most money.

We've partnered with TaskHelp, if needed, to provide you quick and convenient assembly and mounting for your Baby Gaga purchases made online and select store.


Flat rate pricing are created just for Baby Gaga products at the time for submitting your order.

At the time purchase is made, option is provided to select HelpTask for assembly service of your Baby Gaga Products. We can arrange, at this time, an experience independent service provider to assemble your new products in Jaipur, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore within 3 to 5 day time period.  For other destinations, the TaskHelp requires 7-10 day extra time period, subject to gaining prior written approval and payment for such service charges.



Assembly Services TaskHelp pricing starts at Rs.4,000 (inclusive of its assembler's transportation costs), excluding GST sales tax.


TaskHelp Price Range for Product Assembly

TASKHelp Assembly Charges for other cities vary, and in the event for such service request by our customers, we shall ahead of time check to find out the service charge

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